Professor of Computer Science

Kettering University

Flint, MI 48504

Phone : 810 762 7987

FAX : 810 762 9796



Current course related material is available on Blackboard System of Kettering (requires login)


Extensive teaching experience since 1993 in the following areas

Upper Level CS Courses


Algorithm Design and Analysis     Artificial Intelligence       Theory of Computability     Operating Systems                       Cryptography

Parallel Models and Algorithms    Applied Graph Theory      Distributed Systems           Advanced Game Programming    Computer Graphics


Lower Level CS Courses

Computer Science I (Java)           Data Structures (Java)               Discrete Mathematics          Systems Programming Using C on Linux

Computer Science I (Pascal)        Computer Science I (C)            Data Structures (C)               Data Structures (Pascal)


Mathematics Courses

Pre-Calculus                                  Differential Calculus               Integral Calculus                      Differential Equations                 Linear Algebra