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Dr. K. G. TeBeest
Summer 2012

Course Policy * Read immediately! Dr. TeBeest's Schedule
Comments about Final Exams * Read immediately! Maple Tutorials
Journal Format Guidelines * Read immediately! Developing Good Study Habits
Course Syllabus Stuff You Must Know before MATH-203 * Read immediately!


  1. Read these documents immediately. You will be given copies to sign and return to me.

  2. You should have all electronic devices (cell phones, i-pods, MP3 players, ear-buds, etc.) completely turned off and stowed before coming to class. Recording devices are strictly prohibited. Using electronic devices during class without my permission may result in their being confiscated.

  3. If you miss a class, you should obtain copies of the lecture notes from a classmate.


  1. Review Problems. October 6

  2. Do all the examples in the first Maple tutorial entitled Basics. October 6
    1. Do not use the shortcut menu buttons in the left panel of Maple. Rather, manually type the commands as they appear in the Maple examples.
    2. You should work all assigned Maple examples immediately to help you prepare for the Maple assignments.
    3. There also may be Maple related questions on exams.

    Kettering has made Maple amply available on many PCs throughout the AB.


Remember that:

  1. You are responsible for successfully completing all assigned problems in all your courses.
  2. The exams may include problems similar to these assignments and lecture examples and may include questions about Maple.
  3. We must maintain a steady pace to cover the material that constitutes Math-203. If you have difficulty with a section, be sure to see me for help immediately.
  4. No matter how simple a topic appears when you see my examples or read the text, you will almost certainly have difficulty completing an exam if you do not practice the examples and do the assignments beforehand.
Tutors are available in the SARC (AB 3-341) and at various other places and times.

See Local Weather Conditions See Local Weather Conditions